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Soft & Gentle , soft jasmine Roll On Deodrant

This roll on it realy good. I've used for ages. When i ever sweet i smell of flowers instaed lol. It also helps me not swet. I think i have never swetted loads with this on. Its a stunning smell and i still got loads i've had this like 2 months and i us it everyday and its not even used half of it. It has'nt dried out either. Some deodrants drie up in a few days and that realy peeves me off lol


Rose Absolute Eau de Parfum by Stella McCartney

'Rose Absolute Eau de Parfum' by Stella McCartney. This perfume is just beautiful! The smell is absolutely gorgeous. It's so feminine. It can be a bit pricey, but I personally think it's worth it. The perfume is a rose based fragrance, and therefore, obviously will appeal to those who like floral scents. If you don't like the floral scents then you can cross this product off of your list as I doubt this perfume will be the one for you. However, If you are a fan of floral scents I honestly have to say it is highly likely you will adore this product!


Written By
Louisa McGregor

DKNY BE DELICOUS, 100% pure New York

'DKNY BE DELICOUS, 100% pure New York' is one of the best perfumes i've had. My friend got me this as a present and it was a sure good 1. This smells so much like a apple. It bottle is kind of shapped like a apply but a perfume bottle at the same time.The bottle itself is easy to us. Its not to heavy. The smell of this is just stunning. I recommend this to any1.I've used half of this because i love it so much !
I've had this for about 2 mounths now and its lasted me this long, usauly i used a whole bottle of perfume in a mounth because i like to smell nice but this is a good sized bottle. Its not to strong either, you no sometimes you can get them realy strong perfumes that make your nose all weird well this is a carm , yummy smell. You'll defintly not be let down by this !