Lip Stick & Lip Glosses


I Love Mango&Papaya Glossy Lip Balm

'I Love Mango&Papaya Glossy Lip Balm' smells WONDERFUL!
And the name is actauly i love mango &... Yeah you get the picture. It smells stunning and wonderful and anything you'd want in a lip balm. It does smell of fruit it don't smell of them cheap kids litttle lip sticks at all. There quite alot as well. There different flavours like  Orange Chocolate, strawberry, vannilar and more. They smell just so good thow!

5/5 :)

Colour Trend Lip Glosses

So you get 2 lip glosses in the package, you get a mediam sized lip gloss which is a light pink glittery substance and you get a nude little lip gloss to atach to you mobil phone. I've nearly used up all the nude lip gloss but its quite small. I love the nunbe lip gloss because it makes your lips look yummy and it smells like vanilla :)And the pink,glitterly one smells like....I actauly can't explain what it smells like. Its smell fruity and just lovely . I love these lip glosses !

5/5 :D