Body Washes


Planet Spa, African Shea Butter Body Scrub & Japanese Sake And Rice Body Lotion

These are the first products from Planet Spa that i have used and im impressed. The African Shea Butter realy clean and makes your skin feel soft. The Japanese Sake And Rice Body Lotion makes your skin shimmer, it gives you that glow in your skin. I think they should of put a bit of fake tan in it so its a nice glowy tan.
But this makes my legs feel wondeful and look wonderful as well. They come together in a pack, you can't buy them separatley i think.
This picture is took by me again, sorry about the quality.

Lotion 4/5  ,  Body Scrub 3/4 :D

Avon Naturals Strawberry & Guava Body Wash And Banana & Coconut Milk Body Wash

These to body washs are great for spring, you smell so fresh and yummy. Some times i feel like i want to eat myslef, i think that would be abit hard thow lol. The Strawberry & Guava had a very strong ,stunning smell. The Banana & Coconut is realy nice as well, even thow you can't realy smell the banana in it just the Cocobut Milk. These 2 body washes are defintly natural and leave your skin replenished.I highly recommend this product. I must say that Avon has realy nice products. I have a few things by them and im impressed.

4/5 :D

Amber & Spiced Berrys Bath  Shower Gel

This is the best smelled shower i've had , the smell is even better then 'Dove Beauty body wash'. It smells so fruity so woderful i could fall in love with it !
It also come with a pocket size hand lotion and a bottle of body lotion that smell wondeful as well!
This came in a gift pack and i don't think you can buy it separatly. I got it for christmas so i don't no the price. I forget prices of things easly .lol
You can see i've used some in this picture (i took it myself) Its not a great picture but its a example of what it is.

Its a 5/5, could'nt be better !

Dove , Beauty Care Body Wash

'Dove , Beauty Care Body Wash' is theee best body wash. It smell like luxary. I feel so posh when i us this. It makes my skin feel so soft and clean. I smell clean all day and the next next. Then i have another bath or shower and smell lovely again.

Defintly 5/5