Eye Shadows


Perfect Eyes pallet by Ruby and Millie

'Perfect Eyes' pallet by Ruby and Millie. I honestly love this pallet. I take it everywhere with me. There are 8 fabulous colours, and It comes with an applicator (although I suggest you use your own eye shadow brushes) The texture of the shadows are lovely and they blend very well, creating a fantastic look. This is a handy little pallet to have out and about with you.


Written By Louisa MrGregor

Colour Mousse by Rimmel London

'Colour Mousse' by Rimmel London. This is a fantastic product. It says it lasts for 8 hours, but honestly, It lasts for longer than that. It is perfect for a night out because you wont have to keep re-applying. The texture is lovely, and it applies easily. I honestly reccomend this product to anyone.


Written By Louisa

Almay Bright Eyes , Colour Cream Shadow

'Almay Bright Eyes, Colour Cream Shadow' is a good shadow to stick on if your in a rush. Like if i want to put something on my eye lids and not do it all and take ages i just put this on. I squirt it on my finger, rub it on my eye lid and its done. I think this is a quite good eye shadow. I us it quite alot. You can us it as a base as well so thats all good. But sometimes it feels like its stuck to your eye lids but you get used to the feeling.

4/5 :D

La Femme Eye Shadow

'La Femme Eye Shadow' is one of the best smokey eye look palets i've got. Theres 3 greys,one white and a realy light blue. You can creat a stunning look with this. You can make a heavey smokey look or a not so harsh smokey look. I only got this for £1.50 in this little make-up near were i live. Its truely great :D

5/5 :)

Opia Eye Shadow Palet, From Primark

'Opia Eye Shadow Palet' From Primark. This eye shadow palet is great for springy looks.There 4 colours pink,purple,white and black. The pink & purple are realy nice and there not to bright as well.But 1 problem is, is that they don't stick to your eye lid and you have to keep putting more on!
Which is a pain. But the colours are nice :D

2/5 :)

Opia Eye Shadow, From Primark

'Opia Eye Shadow' From Primark.These small potted, pigmented eye shadows are great for clubbin or going to partys.They have a realy nice shimmer for the first hour but then it fades. The colours are great again but they just fade easily. You can get 2 of these little pots for £1 at Primark. I got 2 packets because i love the colours. The colour are i got were a bright Pink, Black,light green and a stunning kinda blueish green. Im impressed with the wonderful colours it just fades .

3/5 :D