Hair Products


Elvive Nutri-Gloss , Intensive Shine Masque

Im changing my mind about this. The first time i tryed this it only gave me a bit of sine but the second time your wash your hair with this again it realy does give you more shine then the first time. I was disappoint at first witht his but now im glad i got this. I've used abit of it but i have long hair and damaged hair so i need to us quite abit of this but no like loads. I

   recommend this now.

v05 Get It Straighting Balm

I put this in when i have towel dried my hair , then i blow dry it after that. Usauly if you don't us anything heat spray or nothing your hair will smell burnt but using this makes your hair smell and prevents split ends. It also keeps your hair straighter for longer. Before i used this my hair would have a wave in it when i got home from school and now using this makes it stay the way i styled it.

3/5 :D

Lee Stafford , POKeR STRAiGHT

'Lee Stafford , POKeR STRAiGHT' Smells so nice !
It smells like Vaniila. The smell stays on all day & night. The protect is great but you have to us quite abit to get your hair properly protected with this. The bottle for this is wonderful. It has'nt broken anywere, the design is wonderfull!
Its 1 of the best heat protecters i've had and i've had quite a few :)
I've used half and i've had it since christmas but i only us this when i straighten my hair properly. And i don't us this much no more because im trying out other Heat Sprays but this is great and i recommend this for any1 as well.

Manic Styling' By Gum Salon

'Manic Styling' By Gum Salon. This is THEEE best smelling heat spray i've had yet !
It smells like bubble gum , Yummy bubble gum :)
I've used this quite alot but the smell does'nt stay on for that long, when you put it on and then straighten your hair , about 5 hours later you can't smell it in your hair no more. And i mean your not gona put more on because the liquid will make your hair go wavy again. But it smell Stunning !
It protects your hair but not as well as i've had with onther Heat Sprays... But i'll give it a 3/5 :D