The Team !

At the start of this site it starred of with Me ' Emily ', but some of my friends on the internet started to do there own part. There me, Louisa , Cath and 2 other people who are thinking about doin it. I will add there name when there sure !

So i wanted to start a site which would be fun and informative. So i thought why not beauty product site ? SO i started it . And people are starting to look at the site :) I want lost of people to come and visit the site because this will save you money and give you informative tips .

We are people who will reply to are fans, we wont egnore you even if with have thousands of fans asking questions. We will ALWAYS anser to you !

New pages are being added because this is the start of the site and new product reviews as well. We hope that this site helps you .I will try and get a page for questions to be asked but for now if you want a question to be asked email me at !!

Thanks everyone ♥

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Team = Emily, Cath, Louisa


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