Astonishing Long & Rich Mascara

This mascara has 2 end to it. The white bit is for making your eye lashes more thick. And i works. And the black mascara is to make them long . Its realy works thow it dries up quick.Which i thought this would last long and it only lastered me 1 mouth. But the rest is good lol


Opia ,Lash Lengthening Mascara Pink.

So i us this mscara for partys or special events. I dont think i would wear this for school.  Even thow it looks quite bright. You have to put like 4 leyers of it to actauly be bright enough.There first layer hardly makes any different. But i guess you take long getting ready for partys and stuff anyway.


Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto

This is one of my fave mascaras ever! It gives great length! It goes on very smoothly, but don't let it dry between coats or it does get a little clumpy and really fake and dry looking. I chose #951, Very Black. It's creamy and really gives you that dark dramatic look depending on the color you choose. It also has this rose like sent, just like their Colossal Volume Express Mascara. Im not sure if they meant for that to be or not. It comes off very, very easily; Just soap and water! It doesnt thicken and isnt volumes. If all you need is length, then this IS the mascara for you! :)


Written By
Kate B

Sexy Curves , By Rimmel London

'Sexy Curves' by Rimmel London. This is just a brilliant product. Say goodbye to your false eyelashes because you wont need them. It applies easily, and makes your lashes look luscious and full, even If you have the thin lashes. For best results you should apply a few coats of this mascara, depending on how dramatic you want your lashes. It is a brilliant product for wearing on a night out, or even to work because it stays on and wont move until you take it off. So, If you find yourself looking for a great mascara that has dramatic effects on your eyes, this is the product you have been looking for!


Written By Louisa
McGregor :)

Exaggearate By Rimmel London

''Exaggearate' By Rimmel London, this mascara is a great. Its one of the best i've used yet. It makes your eye lashes bigger and look more thick and volumised. When you curl your eye lashes and put this on your eye lashes this will keep it curled all day.

Some mascaras don't do that and its so great that 'Exaggearate does. Its also Water Proof so on rainy days it won't smudge anywere !
I tottaly recommed this to you, if you have thin eye lashes then this will be theeee best mascara for you :)

4/5 :D

Define-A-Lash By Maybellin

'Define-A-Lash' By Maybellin. This mascara new smudges, when it rains it wont even feel like it comin off.  It just sticks to your eye lashes and it won't come off. Same with the 'Exaggearate' it will keep your lashes curled all day. But one of the bad things about this is that its realy hard to get off, i try using make-up wipes and it does'nt come off. You need something powerful to get this stuff of your eye lashes. But its defintly good for showery days.

3/5 :D

Extra Super Lash By Rimmel London

'Eatra Super Lash' By Rimmel London is for thow days when you can't be bothered to curl your eye lashes or your on a lazy day but you want to look like your eyes are good. Its not water proof and it does'nt realy keep it curled all day but it seperates the eye lashes and does'nt clump them. I've had mine for a month now and it has'nt started clumping. Its proberly something you'd were in the summer if your to hot and bothered to do your eye lashes properly. Just slap this on.