So yesturday i went out and bought Herbal Essences Dazzyling Shine Shampoo & Intensive Shine Masque Elvive nutri- gloss & Ikeas deodrant 29p lol & V05 Perfect Lenths Mousse & Beautyuk eye shadow collection palet. I will be adding reviews on them.

Right now i have a realy bad cold, its farthers day today as well, i will be proberling spreading my cold to my dad as

Thanks Louisa for the new Reviews on your fav products. Some new people are goin to be doin reviews on products as well.

Im just waiting for them lol
Thanks every1. Keep comin for updates !

6/21/2009 06:55:13

Hey Emily! You've got a really cool site!
Maybe you could add some more reviews about eyeliners, because I can't decide on what to buy :S

6/21/2009 06:56:21

I will, Louisa is going to do a review on eye liners soon, im doin the imformation page tight, i will add eye liner page after !

Thanks xxxx


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